Father lies burned ‘n’ buried inside my Heart-black box
Friends livin’ on the other side when
Angels and Demons trade with my soul

My Sun, Denial of Service
My Sun, Denial of Service

Nameless town’s Citizen
Dead-Walkin’ Man in the flow
I am not your brother, don’t ever tell me
Cause you only want to milk me like a cow

The Earth spins cause mankind chases pheromones and power
So press the button, drop the bomb
Praying that my Euthanasia comes

Del álbum "The day that the sorrow spoke", Black September, 1994.

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Juampa dijo...

Impresionante! en este caso no hace falta ser muy crítico para adivinar la fuerza poética de una buena letra. Y ese último verso...Chapó!